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Would you rather live in a prosperous city that you could never leave or be visited in, or live on the outside but in relative poverty? Comment~ 

26 deviants said I choose freedom! even if i'm poor I can at least do what I want
14 deviants said Prosperous City! Fuck the outside world
2 deviants said Other?

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[PAY HERE] lostumbreon

2016 Commission Sheet by Fenmiu


Sep 30, 2016
9:39 am
Sep 30, 2016
6:12 am
Sep 30, 2016
2:58 am
Sep 29, 2016
2:55 pm
Sep 29, 2016
3:42 am

ALL GOOD + transition updates

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2016, 5:52 AM

I decided what I wanted to say would be better in a journal instead uwu ~ i wanna keep this journal light n fluffy 

anyway thanks for being cool and sending me nice messages!! the status about my art wasn;t because i was jealous of someone's art haha 

i'm like always jealous lmaoooo it just kind of motivates me to draw more eheh
i jussssttttt had some interpersonal/mental stuff breakdowns lmao  but im doing much better now.

i'm slowly regaining my drawing ability but i have to take it easy. i'm sorry i had to refund some of the commissions, and the art trades I don't already owe I have to cancel. (I'll do the ones I do day lol)
I just need to draw on my own terms for a while. 

Don't worry, though. COmmissions will reopen again in the near future, because I'm definitely going to need the dosh lol 

I saw the endocrinologist the other week and I'm now starting full-strength testosterone that I get every 3 months eeee !! except the medication costs several hundred ughhh

but more importantly. i got a referral letter for a surgeon who does top-surgery aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im so excited about it but also so expensive so I HAVE A LOT TO SAVE UP FOR and no one would probably ever donate to me so i gotta work for it ;D

anyway that's all from meeeee i hope you're all doing well!! Byebyeeee


SebaCiel Ask Blog
Question: So we all know Sebastian treats Ciel with sweets, but what does Ciel do when he wants to treat Sebastian? 

Sebastian: The young master treats me with small samplings of his blood, which carries the very essence of his addictive soul. Its allure is beyond description. 
Ciel: Heh… I just like to see the dopey face you make when you drink it.

i did this as an answer for my sebaciel ask blog,

:D It's first and foremost a support blog, but i also take asks with illustrated responses. if you like this, you can check it out!
hii, i recently started a gofundme in order to help fund my surgery ;o; ! if there's anything you can spare, please consider doing so!! here is the link:…
Kiss At The Bottom Of The Sea by Fenmiu
Kiss At The Bottom Of The Sea
My Kuro OTP (Ronilliam) + Subnautica inspired scenery =  ヽ(;▽;)ノ 
I can’t wait to get to start an RP revolving around it <3 

also check out my sebciel ask/support blog at sebacie​ ~! 
or my kuro roleplay blog micaelys

Closeup version:
Small by Fenmiu 
Would you rather live in a prosperous city that you could never leave or be visited in, or live on the outside but in relative poverty? Comment~
26 deviants said I choose freedom! even if i'm poor I can at least do what I want
14 deviants said Prosperous City! Fuck the outside world
2 deviants said Other?
Raining Spell For Love by Fenmiu
Raining Spell For Love
Raining Spell For Love 
This is for the lovely rabid-bunny​, who won 3rd place prize in my Kuroshitsuji follower giveaway on my roleplay blog Micaelys! Congratulations <3 I really enjoyed getting to draw a pairing I adore so much! 

[Commissions Available Here!]

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Morning Rituals by Fenmiu[GIF] New Kuroshitsuji OC by Fenmiu
art of my OCs Jun + Yan Cerisette

Request - Yan by Marumaru98request: Jun/Yan Cerisette by kijeun::requests:: HinataFox790 by pklchaRQ: Jun Cerisette by ZainoraArt Request - OC drawing - 008 by zweinszwolfJun and Yan for Fenmiu by willdrawforyaoiRequest9 by henkerrrCommission for hinatafox790 by LilKikayCM - Jun by happypony2002[AT] Jun by FennirsRequest 7 by Sketching-Panda-RenJun requested by HinataFox790 from fenmiu by ChubbyPumpkinnJun / Yan by LevyHaR: Trapped by a demon by StarLight-StarFish

Mature Content

-Affection- by BlackLenore
:Requests: for HinataFox790 by JepeeHeayam[grins] by wastepupAT Jun by VampireSiberianTheir Master, Split (Art Trade) by The-TimeRunnerSurprise: Jun by HinataFox790 AT - chibi Jun by happypony2002 COMMISSION: Jun/Yan by nasexsavkifs [REQUEST] Jun. by ShoheiiRequest #2 by foxypirateforever

(boku wa a.i.) by Fenmiu
art of my digital persona fall0n_tan

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Here you go, I finally managed to color your cool lineart!
collaboration with Fenmiu-Pinup Lemayian
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More info. Here a link to suggest: New icons (To-do)

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Please do keep on watching???      :) (Smile)
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